Bryggerilogg fredag 11. September..kl 20

Jan Tore, John og Vidar i bryggeriet .Brygging av ny sort juleøl ! ( orginal: svimeslåttens jul )


klistring av etikketter på bjørkeøl og hveteøl

02:15 ferdig brygget Austein Jul


7 thoughts on “Bryggerilogg fredag 11. September..kl 20”

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  4. Classic stuff. This is what happens when you bring a pneumatic drill to a wallpapering-over-the-cracks party.Next time, why not bring one of ?Or am I being a bit too cheeky?The thing is you are hearing the real views of these people. If you got audio and it went out on Newsnight or Dispatches or whatever, I think it might be complete dynamite…

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